Clay Pigeon Shooting

Professional Shooting Lessons

Professional Shooting Lessons to teach the Art of

Clay Pigeon Shooting

For you……if you are new to clay pigeon shooting and wish to take up the sport the correct way, with a series of Professional Lessons with your own Coach.

For you.…..if you are an experienced shot in clay or game and require some expert coaching.

Professional shooting lessons are taken in 2 hourly sessions to get the most out of the time.

£160.00 Per Person for 2hrs.

£145.00 per person – 2 people sharing a 2hr lesson.

(Clays .40p and cartridges £7.50 12g £8.00 20g per box 25).

Beginners Shooting Lessons

As a beginner, you would not have a license or shotgun yet. Included in your lesson is all of our equipment while you apply or wait for your shotgun license. It is a great way to test our many makes of shotguns and see which is more suited to you.

Beginners wishing to take up the sport should take a series of lessons.

Experienced Shots

If you shoot regularly, or have come up against some issues affecting your shooting, we offer both remedial and discipline specific lessons with our professional coaches.

If you shoot and are struggling with problems and require a lesson to identify and remedy any issues you are having, we are here to help. We have extensive knowedge and success of rectifying problems that creep into our performance from time to time.

We offer Sporting, Trap and Game Shooting Lessons.

Take advantage of our discounted lesson series – see prices below…

Discounted Shooting Lesson Series:

A series of 3 x 2 hr lessons per person (6 hours in total) Use of all our equipment –

Instead of £480.00, you pay only £430.00 (11% discount for pre payment).

A series of 6 x 2 hr lessons per person (12 hours in total) Use of all our equipment –

Instead of £860.00, you pay only £775.00 (20% discount for pre payment).

All shooting lessons include:

  • Full explanation of the surrounding shooting range, off range safety and information on all equipment and shotguns.
  • Gun handling technique, eye dominance testing and gun fit.
  • Then on range safety and introduction to how you will break a flying clay target.
  • Shooting and understanding the different methods you use to succesfully break a number of different clay targets.
  • Full diagnosis and feedback on your progression. Each lesson will be designed to progress you on from the last.
  • Experience different types of shotguns.

Game Shooting Lessons:

Don’t let the Game Season sneak up on you! A game shooting lesson out of season, can be the cheapest way of getting ready for the season and we are most happy to assist.


Professional Gun Fitting Service

Probably the most important side of shooting a shotgun succesfully. Did you know that ‘off the peg’ shotguns are designed to fit the ‘average’ male stature? Not much good if you are 5′ 4″ like me!

Height of cheek bones, width of face, length of neck and arms, size of chest, size of palm and length of fingers all play a part in the ultimate gunfit. The shotgun should fit YOU, not the other way around, we’ll help you get the most out of your shotgun.

Full diagnosis, mount, stance, eyes, with temporary fitting adjustments to gun, shot placement, assessment etc. If the gun requires more permanent changes, them the measurements will be passed onto a gunsmith of your choice, or we can recommend some great gunsmiths .

2 – 3 Hours

Gun Fitting £250.00 

(Does NOT include gunsmithing charges should it be necessary to make a permanaent adjustment to the shotgun).


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