Field Sports Training Courses

Field Sports Training Courses

Our Field Sports Training Courses Programme

At Scottish Borders Sporting, we offer some of the best field sports training courses and the correct way of getting novices involved in; Driven Game Shooting, Deer Stalking, Shotgun and Rifle Shooting, all delivered with Professional Instructors and with strict safety guidelines and the utmost respect for the quarry.

You will learn a great deal from our field sports training courses, delivered by Professional Tutors and Instructors, who are also Guides, Ghillies and Gamekeepers.

Our Field Sports Training Courses Include:

  • Shotgun Skills
  • Clay2Game
  • Introduction to Deer Stalking
  • Estate2Plate
  • Introduction to the Art of Shooting Driven Grouse

Why not involve friends and family on a break to the glorious Scottish Borders whilst you are on the courses?

Stay in fabulous accommodation set in beautiful self catering cottages, hotels or B&B’s.

We can combine a range of outdoor activities for your family and friends, from;  Clay Pigeon Shooting, Tomahawk Throwing, Fly Fishing, Horse Riding, a trip to Edinburgh, Historic Castles and Houses, Tweed & Woollen Mills – the list is endless, just ask!

Shotgun Skills Course

Our Shotgun Skills Course is probably the most comprehensive way of learning the art of shooting with a shotgun, for a complete novice, in a safe and controlled environment.

This course is designed for the complete novice or new shooter wishing to learn safety, skills of shooting flying targets, shotgun ownership and the law. This course is perfect whether you wish to shoot only clay targets or to eventually move onto wing shooting, we tailor the course to suit all requirements.

It is a wonderful way to learn the art of shooting, whether as an individual, couple or friends. Max 2 people per course.

The full day course covers the following:

  • Full safety training, ongoing throughout the day
  • Types of popular shotguns
  • Clay shooting disciplines
  • Safe Shotgun handling
  • Correct stance – how it effects the shot
  • Gunfit – how it affects the shot
  • Eye dominance – how it effects the shot
  • How to break moving clay targets – the theory
  • Breaking moving clay targets – out on the range
  • Various Shooting “Methods” in more details
  • Cartridges, proofing, chokes,
  • Cleaning and maintenance

Game Shooting Intro if Required

  • The difference between Clay and Game Shooting
  • Intro to Wing Shooting (this could lead onto a more comprehensive separate course of Clay2Game, see details below)

What we also Cover

  • Assistance in shotgun certificate application
  • All safety equipment – ear defenders, safety glasses
  • Shotgun to suit size and stature, fitted to you
  • Unlimited clay targets
  • All Shotgun cartridges
  • Insurance
  • Refreshments
  • Certificate on completion

Price @ £395.00 per person – for 1 or more people.

Clay2Game Course (Seasonal Oct – Jan)

This 2 day course is designed for Clay shooters and people with some knowledge of shotgun handling wishing to make the transition to game shooting, it is NOT for the complete novice.

It will give you a first time insight on what goes on behind the scenes of a Drivem Game Shooting day and your preparation to become a competent Gun.

Safe shotgun handling skills out on a live game shoot and the safety, shooting skills, custom and etiquette expected on such a day.
Many people are quite intimidated by their first live game shoot and many are completely unprepared and unsafe. It is normal to shoot low bouncing rabbit clay targets, or clay targets flying against a background of trees. If you tried this with a game bird you could seriously injure someone or worse. The problem is, what seems normal on a clay range is dangerous out in the field. If you don’t know – you just don’t know!
This course will build your confidence levels as well as the safety, technique and understanding that you will require to  dispatch a driven game bird with a shotgun.

Itinerary over 2 Days

Day 1:

Learn the Game!
Morning meet and greet, followed by:
• A presentation on the history of game shooting, etiquette, attire, behind the scenes on a shoot day with the Gamekeeper, Beaters and Pickers, peg drawing, tipping, the tradition, the mechanics of the driven day etc.

Out on the shooting range with Professional Instructors taking you through:
• Game shooting gun safety training, simulated game shooting driven targets whilst being instructed from the peg.
• Understanding safety and gun control on a game shoot, gun mount, footwork and safe arcs of fire all from the peg.
• Simulated Game Drives
• End of day discussion with a chat about the events of the day and preparation for the following live game day.

Next Day

Day 2:

Draw your pegs for a friendly, mixed bag Driven Game Day!
• Meet for the shoot and safety brief by the Gamekeeper
• Guns on Pegs!
• Your team will rotate each drive either being the Guns, on the Beating Line or assisting the Picking Up Gun Dog handling team to get a well rounded understanding on how a driven game day operates.
• Instructors are with you throughout the day to assist, encourage and advise on each drive.
• Break for Elevenses.
• More drives
• End of day, thank the Keeper, shake his hand (if permitted) and your instructing team.

End of day – please take some shot game.

What’s included in your 2 days:

  • Professional instruction over 2 days
  • Shotgun hire (if required)
  • Clays and cartridges
  • Refreshments
  • Driven Game shoot day
  • Game Cartridges

Price: £POA (due to the fluctuation in all costs, ask for current prices).

Minimum numbers 5 – 16

*Please note that evening dinner, alcohol and accommodation are not included, but we have a very good dinner, bed & breakfast sporting rate in the Hotel located on the edge of the shooting estate, please ask for details.

Introduction to Deer Stalking Course

For individuals or up to a max of 4 novices keen to learn the right way, you can now be a part of the process and experience the shooting skills, stalking and preparation of the game (Deer/venison) first-hand.

See where and how our game is sourced, how free range and healthy our Roe deer is and how sustainable a food source it is.

We are offering a professional Introductionto Deer Stalking Training Course.

No equipment or experience necessary, just bring an open mind and a willingness to learn!

This introductory package is ideal for anyone wishing to learn more about the basic principles of deer stalking, the deer and habitat and is ideal for beginners or those contemplating the DSC1 qualification.

What’s Included

Your Professional Hunter will teach you Rifle Craft and tuition on safe rifle handling and best practice, using full bore, deer calibre rifles and target shooting at our simulated deer targets, with training on shot placement and bullet flight over varying distances.

Information on ammunition and shooting techniques, ie; lying prone, off bipod, bench rest, shooting off sticks, or even from a high seat. Any of these methods could be used when out stalking.

Habits and habitat of the deer you are going to stalk, technique, wind direction etc. How to understand shot placement, the safe shot, reaction to shot – all taught by your PH.

The Stalk

After the successful completion of the course, you have the option to book a deer stalk (either morning or evening depending on time of year). You choose whether you wish to put into practice all you have learnt and shoot a deer (if we are lucky to have one present itself), or simply observe. You are under no obligation whatsoever to shoot a deer, no pressure will be put on you.

All our deer are wild and free ranging, therefore please understand we make no guarantees that one will be presentable to shoot on the day of the stalk.

On the successful shooting of a Roe deer, we will need to gralloch (field dress) and inspect the carcass which you will assist with. This is all part of the game preparation which must be completed immediately after the deer is shot and then transported to the game larder.

You make take the carcass, but need to make suitable arrangements, POA.


1 Day Training Course @ £325.00 per delegate inclusive of all equipment, ammunition, simulated deer targets, rifles, stalking and safety kit, refreshments, insurance and Professional Instruction.

1 day Training Course plus live deer stalk, special combined rate @ £450.00*

*(includes the stalk, equipment hire, not the shot beast – POA)

To follow on from this course, please see our forthcoming ‘Estate2Plate’ Course.

COMING SOON! Estate2Plate

2Our Estate2Plate course follows on from our Introduction to Deer Stalking and Live Deer Stalking Course and our Clay2Game Course for Game Birds.

It gives a further in depth look at what happens to the game, whether it be a game bird or deer, once it has been dispatched, and taken to the game larder.

The Venison processes include:

  • Skinning
  • Butchery – breaking down the carcass into primals, so 2 shoulders, 2 haunches, 1 saddle and 1 neck.
  • Taking each Primal and breaking into sub primals, so, are we removing the loins or making the cuts into chops or double Barnsley style chops?
  • What parts of the carcass make the best mince for sausages and burgers?
  • After the butchery, what recipies can be made from the cuts?

Game Birds processes include:

  • The Game birds may include: pigeon, pheasant, partridge, duck, woodcock and snipe.
  • How to pluck and breast a carcass.
  • Dress the carcass ready for the oven.
  • What recipies can be made from these birds?

A presentation of a dish recently prepared for you to enjoy for your evening meal!

1 day course inclusive of ingredients and a complete dish @ £195.00 

NEW FOR 2022!! Tanning 

Learn to tan the deer skin you’ve successfully removed, to make into useful hides and leather for bags, clothing etc.

We will hopefully be adding this course in 2021



The Art of Learning Driven Grouse Shooting

Driven Grouse Shooting is some of the most exhilarating wing shooting on offer. Sadly, people that have never shot this type of game bird out of a grouse butt or never had the experience of double Guns can put everybody in danger, as well as have a very disappointing and expensive experience.

Scottish Borders Sporting are very proud to offer to teams of Guns (who are novice to driven Grouse) the benefit of years of our driven Grouse experience, to make you a more aware and safe Gun in the butts.

From Double Guns, to beating and flanking and arcs of fire when shooting, we will teach your team all the safety implications when shooting out of grouse butts on our Simulated Grouse drives.

Explaining the beating and flanking, what to watch out for if you are for example in the end butts, the shooting sticks or canes and the correct way to turn to shoot behind without swinging through the line & flankers.

Working with your Loader, on how to double gun, how to pass the Shoguns without clashing, moving within the butt, dismounting to turn to shoot behind, marking your birds.

A full day including lunch and refreshments.

Minimum 8 participants.

£375.00 per person

  • Extras to consider:
  • Shotgun Hire
  • Cartridges
  • Accommodation
  • Tips

Please note, if there are no dates in the calendar, please enquire as we may be able to open a day for you.


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