Game Shooting

Game Shooting

What We Offer

Here at Scottish Borders Sporting, we can offer some wonderful game shooting at our own shooting estate.

We offer; Driven, Mini Driven, Walked Up, Rough shooting, on Pheasant, Partridge, Ducks and Wild Game at our own beautiful Shooting Estate at Lauder, in the Scottish Borders just 30 minutes south of  Edinburgh.

We also offer a driving, loading and minding on the ‘peg’ service.

If you require your shotguns collected from the airport, I am an RFD and can transport any shotgun or rifle.

Talk to me about creating your unique shooting/hunting trip, with or without accommodation.

Driven Shooting Days

Join us as a full team or single ‘Gun’ on some of the most beautiful drives in the country!

The day starts with a welcome and shoot safety brief and outline of the day, followed by the drawing of the pegs.

You then follow us to the first drive of the day, where you will be placed on your pegs.

The drive commences and many gamebirds are ‘driven’ over the Guns by our Gamekeeper and his team of beaters and dogs.

At the end of the drive, experience the ‘Pickers’ work their dogs, retrieving the shot game.

Guns will then follow to the next drive.

There will be an elevenses break and back to shoot more drives.

Depending on your type of day and choice, we can arrange a lunch in the Hotel which is on the site of the Shooting Estate.

The day ends after the last drive, with thanking the Gamekeeper and taking some of the game you have shot.

Driven Game Days can be booked for 7 – 10 Guns and we can offer a bag of 70 – 200 bird days.

Please see our ‘Availability’ page for forthcoming dates.

Mini Driven and Walked Up Days

Smaller days are also available should you wish to book for fewer Guns.

Mini Driven days for 5 – 7 Guns and a bag size of 40 – 60.

Walked Up days are really fun and you will access some of the most spectacular parts of the Estate.

You can be a single Gun or as a group of 4 – 6 and shoot a bag of 8 – 10 birds per Gun.

Please see our ‘Availability’ page for forthcoming dates.

Your own, well behaved dogs are very welcome.

If you would like Gun Dog training days on live game, please see our ‘Gun Dog Training’ page.


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