Training Courses

Training Courses


We offer some of the best training and the correct method of getting novices involved in Game Shooting and Deer Stalking, all delivered with uttmost repect for your quarry.

You will learn a great deal from our course Tutors and Instructors.

Clay2Game Course

This 2 day course will bring you up to speed on safe shotgun handling out on a live game shoot and the safety, shooting skills, custom and etiquette expected on such a day.
Many people are quite intimidated by their first live game shoot and many are completely unprepared and unsafe. The problem is, if you don’t know – you don’t know!
The course will build your confidence levels as well as the safety, technique and understanding that you will require to successfully and humanely dispatch a driven game bird with a shotgun.

A Day of Learning the Game!
Morning meet and greet, followed by:
• A presentation on the history of game shooting, etiquette, attire, behind the scenes on a shoot day with the Beaters and Pickers, tipping, the tradition, the mechanics of the day etc.

Out on range with Professional Instructors taking you through…
• Game shooting gun safety training, simulated game shooting driven birds whilst being instructed from the peg.
• Understanding safety and gun control on a game shoot, gun mount, footwork and arcs of fire all from the peg.
• Simulated Game Drives
• End of day discussion with an informal chat about the events of the day.

Next Day
Draw your pegs for a friendly, mixed bag Driven Game Day!
• Meet for the shoot and safety brief by the 
• Guns on Pegs!
• Instructors are with you on your peg throughout the day to assist, encourage and advise on each drive.
• Your team will rotate being Guns, on the Beating Line and assisting the Picking Up Gun Dog handling team to get a well rounded understanding on how a driven game day operates.
• Break for Elevenses.
• More drives, you could be a walking gun!
• Thank the Keeper and your instructing team.

End of day – please take some shot game.

What’s included in your 2 days:

  • Professional instruction over 2 days
  • Shotgun hire (if required) day 1 and 2
  • Clays and cartridges day 1
  • Refreshments day 1 and 2
  • Game shoot and bag day 2
  • Game Cartridges day 2

Price: £550.00 per person

Please note that evening dinner, alcohol and accommodation are not included, but we have a very good sporting rate in our Hotel located on the edge of the shooting estate, please ask for details.

Introduction to Deer Stalking Course

For individuals (or up to 4 novices) keen to get more involved, you can now be a part of the process and experience shooting, stalking and preparation of the game (Deer/venison) first-hand.

See where and how our game is sourced, how free range and healthy our Roe deer is and how sustainable a food source it is.

We are offering professional Deer Stalking Training Courses.

No equipment or experience necessary, just bring an open mind and a willingness to learn!

This introductory package is ideal for anyone wishing to learn more about the basic principles of deer stalking and is ideal for beginners.

Your Professional Hunter will teach you Rifle Craft and tuition on safe rifle handling and best practice, using full bore, deer calibre rifles and target shooting at our simulated deer targets, with training on shot placement and bullet flight over varying distances.

Information on ammunition and shooting techniques, ie; lying prone, off bipod, bench rest, shooting off sticks, or even from a high seat. Any of these methods could be used for stalking.

Habits and habitat of the deer you are going to stalk, technique, wind direction etc. How to understand shot placement, the safe shot, reaction to shot and tracking – all with your PH.

After the successful completion of the course, you have the option to book a deer stalk (either morning or evening depending on time of year). You choose whether you wish to put into practice all you have learnt and shoot a deer (if we are lucky to have one present itself), or simply observe. You are under no obligation whatsoever to shoot a deer, no pressure will be put on you.

All our deer are wild and free ranging, therefore please understand we make no guarantees that one will be presentable to shoot on the day of the stalk.

On the successful shooting of a Roe deer, we will need to gralloch (field dress) the carcass which you will assist with (if you shoot the deer). This is all part of the game preparation which must be completed immediately after the deer is shot and then transported to the game larder.

You make take the carcass, but need to make suitable arrangements, POA.

1 Day Training Course @ £295.00 per delegate inclusive of all equipment, ammunition, simulated deer targets, rifles, refreshments and Professional Hunters/Instructors.

1 day Training Course plus live deer stalk, special rate @ £500.00


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