​​From Clay To Game Course

​​A spectacular 2 day package to give you the knowledge and skills you need to progress from Clay Pigeon Shooting to shooting LIVE Game!

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Use these 2 days to learn the art of game shooting safety and the shotgun skills you will require. It will give you the knowledge you need to understand the etiquette and behind the scenes considerations on a live game day.

Book this package as an individual, couple or group or just because you would love to learn game shooting, safely and with professional clay and game shooting coaches. It is a fabulous experience and the RIGHT introduction into our sport!

A maximum of 8 places available (please check availability prior to booking).

Course Itinerary Day 1

Meet and greet in the Roxburghe Golf Club (in the grounds of the Roxburghe Hotel, address below) for:

A Day of Learning the Game!

  • ​​Presentations on;
  • Etiquette, attire, behind the scenes on a shoot day, tipping, the tradition, the beating line, etc.
  • Next out on range for gun safety training, simulated game shooting ‘driven’ clay targets whilst being instructed from the peg.
  • Understanding safety and gun control on a game shoot, gun mount, footwork and arcs of fire all from the peg.
  • Lunch – Golf Club
  • Back on range for further work
  • End of day discussion

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Course Itinerary Day 2
A Small, Friendly, Mixed Bag Game Day!

  • ​​8.45 – Meet for the shoot brief by the Shoot Captain, draw your pegs.
  • 9.00 – Guns on Pegs!
  • Instructors are on hand throughout the day to assist, encourage and advise on each drive, usually 5 drives in all..
  • End of shoot – lay out he bag and take a brace!
  • ​Thank the Keeper and give him his tip!

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  • Included in your course:
    Full professional instruction day 1
  • Clays, cartridges & shotgun day 1
  • Lunch day 1​
  • Game shoot and agreed bag day 2
  • Lunch day 2​​
  • Shotgun hire day 2​
  • Game cartridges day 2.

£495.00 per person


Instructor on peg with you for day 2 – £100
Call to discuss/book your day – 07798 884643.

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